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More than 90% of Eligible Malaysian Do Not Have a Will or know about Trust! ROCKWILLS
A huge Untapped Potential

The above newspaper cuttings and statistics indicate the huge market in Malaysia in estate planning particularly on services like Will-Writing and Trust.

If you are interested to join us in this vast uptapped market to provide the noble service to the huge potential clients, please contact us for more information.

When you become a Professional Will Writer or Professional Estate Planner under the brand name of "Rockwills", you :

1. Have a reputable company behind you. Rockwills is No. 1 in Will and Trust.
2. There is a vast untapped market for you to earn big income and huge deferred income from estate administration fees for your loved one from Rockwills Trustee Bhd on your clients that passed on in future.
3. The comprehensive training and support provided will ensure you are professionally trained and knowledgeable.
4. Only need a low Initial Investment to start your business.
5. Enjoy flexibility in your working hour and
6. Will be Your Own Boss !

Our established operations system creates a win-win situation for all career minded Professional Will Writers or Professional Estate Planner.

Go For The Entrepreneurial Spirit!

if you're just getting started on the entrepreneurial road or if you're on the crossroads of life, wondering what to do next, you've come to the right place!

If you have the entrepreneurial spirit, then at some point of your life, you might have thought of starting your own business. But the business world is not for the faint hearted. The failure rate can be astounding.

Good ideas, enthusiasm and hard work are still not enough. Solid business management skills are highly relevant to make a new business succeed.

Where and how do you get started?

Your reluctance is understandable but what if we tell you that all you need is a very low paid up capital? In return,

You attain individual freedom in running your own life!

You enjoy complete independence in running your business!

You're your own boss!

The sky's the limit!

In order to achieve success in the business world, planning and preparedness will be a major bosster. This where we can help you. We have a proven system to ensure success in this line.

Now, with the skills, let's talk business.

Are you ready to take up the challenges to set up your own business?

But before that, how many of us realize what's happening out there and what are the opportunities available?

Do you know that borderiess trading is not merely a dream anymore but a reality?

Are you aware that the financial market is getting bigger and more interdependent everyday?

Do you realise how the sales procedure is fast changing from product to process driven?

Do you know that changes in the marketing sector have evolved from bing company focused to market focused?

Changes in Business Trends

The present trend is moving towards

Mergers Intergrated Services

Innovative Products

Not very long ago, the various sectors in the financial market were highly independent.

Past: independence

Present: integration

Future: 1-stop financial supermarket

But now, as the wind of change blows and changes the financial landscape everywhere, new business opportunities have begun to emerge.

Be aware of these changes around you! Accept these changes! Grab this opportunity of changes!

This is the proverbial goose with the golden eggs. The changes mark the emergence of a new business opportunity.

These changes mean a new approach in running a nusiness itself.

It's a question of survival!

With the barriers in business disappearing faster and faster, it's an open field for all.

What business you're in or what expertise you possess, is irrelevant.

What matters is your hunger and passion for success!

How do you make it though and stay afloat these changes?

The opportunities can be seen in :

Estate Planning (EP)

Will Writing

Trust Creation

Estate Execution Administration

Risk Management and Insurance Fund Creation

Business Agreement


Total Business Solution

Future Service Pre-need and Bereavement Services

Financial Planning (FP)

Insurance Trust

General Insurance

Life Enrichment Planning

These key aspects are relevant ingredients in everyone's everyday life for securing one's future for creating, achieving, managing, preserving and distributing own weath in life. You not only have the opportunity to help others but also yourself for realising a better future.

By going through our proven Professional Integrated Services, you have a fabulous chance of being a

Professional Will Writer

Estate Planner

Insurance Planner

Financial Planner / Advisor

or if you're really up to it, to be an

Professional Integrated Services provider (which is a combination of all 4)

Pick your choice!
if you're looking for unsurpassed quality of opportunities...... Then here lies your answer.
So, what are you waiting for? Act now! Register Now!

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