Ministry To Assist Single Mothers & The Underprivileged (TOUCH Community Services Berhad)
Our Vision
To build and empower Single Mothers/Needy Families to a point where they are self-supportive and independent.
Our Mission - THE 3Rs'
  • Relief
  • Restore
  • Redeem
Relief - How Do We Help
  • Through our network, we are able to identify potential needy families that require immediate assistance, mostly single mothers without any mode of support.

  • We help by providing the most basic needs i.e. Food! - some families cant afford even 1 meal a day. Clothes - for adults and children. Shoes - adults and children. Finance! for rental of their homes and school bus transportation fees for the children.

  • Basic legal requirements i.e. Birth Certificates - this is something we take for granted but in the course of our work, we have come across families that do not have this basic and most important document. Now we are able to obtain birth certificates for some of these children.

  • Health & Hygiene - Due to the severe conditions these families are living in, we provide multivitamins to build up their immunity, panadol for relief of pain and fever. We are also trying to work together with Drs to provide basic medical assistance as some of these children suffer from Asthma, Scabies, Lice etc.

  • Family Planning - We offer counseling to mothers on family planning due to their financial situation.

  • Education - Every Saturday, we have generous volunteers to provide tuition for these children. We also incorporate basic English classes for them. We ensure that these children are enrolled in government schools.
Restore - Help Them To Fish
  • Employment - We try our best to provide suitable jobs for the single mothers e.g. Laundrette worker, House-Cleaner, Hypermarket Assistants etc.

  • Homes - For single mothers without shelter, we assist by providing suitable flats in a conducive environment. We also help by paying rental until they are self-sufficient.

  • Schools - Some children can't go to school as they have no money for school bus transportation. Some children were not attending school because of lack of food, no uniforms, no books etc.
Restoring Lives
  • Gift of Sight - We provide prescription glasses for the families if necessary. Eyesight checks.

  • Outings - We always organising special trips for the children e.g. cinema - children's movies, parties and so forth. This is to give them exposure and train them in sharing and caring for each other.

  • Lessons in Life - Most of these single mothers come from abusive, poverty stricken backgrounds and it is a vicious cycle as their children in turn suffer the same fate. We are trying to break this vicious chain by giving counseling, motivation and educating them for the betterment of their lives.
Redeem - Lost To Found
  • Salvation - We reaching out to the lost by sharing the gospel and the message of love it brings. They will be saved!

  • Redemption - The single mothers especially need a lot of encouragement, we are helping them to feel loved and wanted in society. The same feelings of rejection are projected towards their children. Simple, if we can make them feel good about themselves, they will be hopeful for a brighter future not only for themselves but for their children as well.
Most of these families are staying in the urban poor areas, Pangsapuri Enggang Flats BK6 Kinrara in Puchong.
Todate, we have been helping 10 needy families with 38 children.
The Families

Restoring Lives

Restoring Lives - Outings
Generous Contributions Needed
  • Clothes - Adults & Children
  • Shoes - School shoes for children
  • Toys
  • Blankets, Pillows & Mattresses, Beds
  • Kitchen Utensils - Pots etc.
  • Electrical Items
  • Finance
  • Volunteers with a heart of gold
Prayer Requests
  • The work we are carrying out is fulfilling and we face many challenges. Your prayers are urgently needed as we are in the middle of a battle.

  • We also request everyone to pray for all these families. Especially for the unsaved, pray that their hearts are open to receive the gospel, pray that as we help them, they will respond to our help.

  • Pray for the children as their emotional scars are deeper than the physical scars. These children have been neglected, some not knowing what is the love of a father and mother.

  • We are just instruments of the one above, pray for our ministry to be blessed, for wisdom and grace in carrying out all these tasks. Most importantly pray for our protection.
Love Haven
  • Every Thursday, we have a prayer meeting and we are blessed to have a Tamil-speaking elder assisting in translation of the message at No.21, Block C, 8th Floor, BK6 Kinrara.

  • This meeting is attended by at least 45 persons (children and adults). They are beautiful people.
Touch Community Services Sdn. Bhd.

Harvest of Love is a non-profit organisation listed under Touch Community Services Bhd.

Your generous and heartfelt contributions are much appreciated.

A great big thank you from all the members of the committee i.e.:
Joyce Yap, Sue Ng, Audra, Seow Yan

Please contact Mrs Joyce Yap on her H/P: 016-2070122

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