Overview of Estate Planning
Basic Steps In Estate Planning

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  • Establishing Estate Planning Objectives
    Proper estate planning objectives are set. These objectives must be relevant to the needs and interest of the estate owner.

  • Gathering of Relevant Data
    Information on wealth available must be collected in order to generate a proper estate plan.

  • Analysis of Data
    The collected data must be analyzed to determine the financial situation of the client. Relate the outcome of the analysis to the estate planning objectives. Prioritize the objectives according to present situation and available wealth.

  • Recommendation of Estate Plan
    A set of recommendations must be developed to help achieve the objectives. Once the most suitable and agreeable idea has been selected by the client, methods of wealth accumulation will be explored to help implement the estate plan.

  • Implementation of Plan
    The client will be advised on the most appropriate estate planning tools to be used when taking action. The client must be further motivated in going ahead with the plan.

  • Monitoring of Plan
    The estate plan must be constantly reviewed. Comparisons must be made from time to time between the plan objectives and the original estate planning objectives. This is vital in ensuring that the estate planning goals are achieved as planned.

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